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Resilience in Law Enforcement: Peer Support Teams (2013)

While focused primarily on law enforcement, this is a "nuts and bolts" guide for any emergency service organization to maintain the resiliency of its professionals as well as the total organization.  This book reviews the law enforcement culture, the history of peer support, services beyond CISM, the impact on the family and has articles that are suitable for reprinting.


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Organizational Crisis Management

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Critical Incident Stress and Trauma in the Workplace (1994)

Critical Incident StressThis book clearly and in everyday language outlines how to respond appropriately to trauma in the workplace.  It is a practical "nuts n' bolts" book that provides assistance to:

TABLE OF CONTENTS (by chapters)

Understanding Stress & Stress Management
Critical Incident Stress (CIS)
Description of "At Risk" Occupations
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Dynamics & Definitions Involved With Different Types of Crises
Critical Incident Stress Response: Strategies & Interventions to Deal With CIS
Reactions of Others Trauma & Crisis In the Workplace
Guidelines For Conducting Debriefings & Other Types of Interventions
Crises In School Settings

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Workplace Hostility: Myth and Reality (co-author) Routledge 1999

Workplace Hostility Myth and RealityIntro.: Putting Workplace Violence into Perspective
Chapter 1: A Brief History of Safety in the Workplace
Chapter 2: Profile of an "At Risk" Employee
Chapter 3: Conducting At Risk Assessments
Chapter 4: The At Risk and Toxic Workplace
Chapter 5: Warning Signs
Chapter 6: The 3 Ps: Policies, Procedures and Programs
Chapter 7: Management Training
Chapter 8: Employee Education
Chapter 9: Employee Assistance Services
Chapter 10: Security Technology and Personal Safety
Chapter 11: Crisis Response Teams
Chapter 12: Organizational Health and Recovery

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