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Divorce Mediation

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, people are looking for a "kinder and gentler" (and less expensive) process than the earlier model of opposing attorneys.  In these situations, the couple may choose to utilize a divorce mediator (lawyer or mental health professional) to facilitate the process.  Mediation is often chosen as a "kinder and gentler" as well as a less costly alternative for this difficult life transition for the couple as well as the children.   

As a psychologist, Dr. Lewis has spent more than 25 years in private working with couples to resolve issues. As a mediator, he has been trained to understand the laws and guidelines pertaining to divorce and to generate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that may serve as a Separation Agreement for the couple. Mediation with Dr. Lewis saves time, money and emotional stress. Call for a free consultation. 508.872.6228

divorce mediation

A brief explanation about divorce mediation